Termite Inspection

Why get a Termite Inspection?

When it comes to structural damage, termites are one of the worst pests homeowners can have. They are wood-eating insects that burrow into the walls and structures of houses and cause damage to the system of support.
It can be difficult to see the signs that you have a termite problem until they’ve already done some damage, so Total Home Inspection suggests regular checks of your home, about every 1-2 years if possible to prevent extensive damage to your property.

Upon completion, if no termite evidence is found, the inspector will issue a written certificate stating these findings. If evidence or damage is found, a list of recommended repairs and treatments and termite exterminators may be provided.


$95.00 + tax | Covers all home sizes

*bundled pricing available with all three services.

6 Ways To Prep Your Home For A Successful Termite Inspection


Inside the Home:

  • Make sure all basements, crawlspaces, and attics have clear openings and can be easily entered by the inspector.

  • Move items and furniture away from the walls to create at least a two foot clearance space.

  • Clear away all items from under the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen.


Outside of the Home:

  • Trim back plantings that are close to exterior walls.

  • Clear out all debris and dead plantings that are close to the foundation.

  • Remove excess soil that reaches above the bottom of the siding.

  • Move all extra wood (such as firewood or extra building materials) away from the home.